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Author: Monica Rivers, Minister
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Monica Rivers, Rivers Consulting

Be Prepared

Be Prepared One of the things the Boy Scouts of America is known for is their motto "Be Prepared." For the Scouts, this statement means to be prepared to do your duty to God and country, to other people and to self. We all prepare in different ways. Some people...

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Got Questions?

Got Questions? "Faith does not eliminate questions. But faith knows where to take them." ~ Elisabeth Elliot. Life can feel so unfair at times. Life situations and circumstances may even cause you to ask God, "Why?" And that is okay. God does not mind questions. He...

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Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?

Do You Learn From Your Mistakes?   Among the most beautiful things in life is watching a young child trying to learn something new. They make all sorts of mistakes !! It is one of the ways we learn. It is part of the growing up process. The mistakes you make do not...

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